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My character, Elandri

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Name: Elandri
Gender: Female
Race: Humanoid
Eyes: Green, with the thin yellow tint to the outside of the iris.
Hair: Brown, down to mid-back
Build: Athletic
Physical description: Elandri looks mainly human, besides the fact her legs merge into something similar to a horses leg. She also has a facial and stomach tattoo, and a scar on her right shoulder.
Accessories: She wears a pendant which is a symbol of her tribe. There is a plaited stand on hair on her left, beads are tied at the bottom.

Personality/backstory: The Opakii tribe (of which she is a part) are a small group of maybe 100 who live on a cliff near the sea. They are humanoid in form, but they are not from or on Earth. Elandri is the chief's daughter, so she lives a very regimented life and will eventually be forced into an arranged marriage. This doesn't sit well with Elandri, as she is a very strong willed girl. At some point in the future she will fight with her father and leave the tribe. I see her travelling all over her world, meeting a variety of different characters. She is quite friendly and very intelligent.
She is an apprentice mage, who specialises in healing. As her story develops she will learn more of her gifts and the way they can be used by the different people she meets. She is still rather nieve about the way the real world opperates, and is too eager to help out people she doesn't really know.

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Most Current:
These two show her in her old style, but may help with personality:
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