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My Gryphon, Fessonia

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Name: Fessonia
Gender: Female
Type of mythic: Gryphon
Subspecies/breed: Front half is based on the Crimson Rosella and the back on a white Bengal Tiger.
Eyes: Black, with blue feathers surrounding.
Description: Fessonia is the size of a house cat, so smaller than your average gryphon. Head and upper chest are covered in feathers. The rest of the body is based on a tiger, so she has four paws, NOT two paws and two talons. Wings are generally a bit smaller than average gryphon size. Wing colour is red with black markings, then black the blue for flight feathers. Underside of feathers is black for all stages, with sheen of matching topside colour.
Accessories (clothing, jewlery, weapons, etc): Two earings in left ear, joined by a chain which dangles with an emerald charm at the far end. Gold bracelet on right leg.
Preferred environment: Australian Bush
Personality: Quiet and gentle. While she's normally quite serious herself, she likes to hang out with funny and cute characters, as she still has a sense of humour and likes to laugh. She has two magical powers: lightning and the ability to cute-ify.
Anything else we should know: I've been playing with the idea of giving her an anthro form, so if you want to give that a try feel free.

Reference Pictures (please give full URLs): - this is her new look - this is her old look - by Myrror, but very accurate of her old look
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